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As the nation’s only Latino-owned, youth driven, bilingual public radio station we have trained hundreds of youth in the art of radio broadcasting, dozens of them which are currently working in the media. We have ambitious plans in creating even greater opportunities for young people to become involved in public media and in their communities at large. In addition, we’re committed to creating more original local programming that focus on issues that impact the lives of Latinos. For this, we need your support! Will you become a Padrino or Madrina of our station, training program, or specialty shows?

Your support helps us purchase equipment, pay utilities, contract workshop trainers, keep shows on the air, create community forums, stipend youth and so much more. We need you! Support your Latino public radio station today!

If you are a business and would like to become part of our Padrinos Campaign, please e-mail for a package.



believe that the happiest moment of my life was when I found out that I had been accepted into Northwestern University. When I had first started my application, I had selected to apply as undecided for my major. Towards the end of the summer, though, I began to consider a career in journalism. This new-found interest led me to apply to the training program at Radio Arte. With the journalism and radio classes that were given, I saw that I enjoyed this field of work which led me to apply to the Medill School of Journalism. Northwestern will be a new and possibly scary experience, but I feel confident that the training and experience that I have received at Radio Arte will help me succeed.”
-Radio Arte Alumni

“Radio Arte was a great experience that led me to the best time of my life (so far), I improved so much in so many levels that I could say it changed my life. There is a Gaby before Radio Arte and Gaby after Radio Arte. I met awesome people that are still my best friends; had fun while learning, and it helped me reach goals I thought impossible. In fact, a great part of what I do at my current position has to do with publicity and the media, and I learned those skills at Radio Arte. Thank you”
-Gaby, Radio Arte Alumni

“Ese pequeño aparato que llamamos radio, ha estado conmigo desde que era un bebe, creo que por eso me gusta tanto, y en él me siento como en mi casa. Aquí podemos crear, transformar, soñar, imaginar, volar, es una mágica e infinita caja llena de posibilidades.”
-Hugo, Radio Arte Host