SALUD: Healing Through the Arts
SALUD: Healing Through the Arts develops young community leaders by offering a space for personal
expression while exploring the connection between immigration and health. We hope that through
our art, we inspire the general public to participate in addressing issues that affect our entire
society. The project is a collaboration between Radio Arte, Latinos Progresando, and the National
Museum of Mexican Art, part of the New Routes to Community Health Initiative.


Health, Mind and Body

SALUD: Healing Through the Arts is a program grounded in the idea that art and media can foster
meaningful dialogue and strong connections among diverse groups of individuals. During the summer
of 2008, we wrote and produced bilingual radio novelas (radio theater) that address a variety of
health concerns in our communities from a youth perspective. We’ve recently developed a workshop
that addresses the central themes of our radio novelas (which you can hear on our myspace page).
Our goal is to share our knowledge with youth and adults, at schools, community organizations,
public events, etc.

Workshops are youth-created and youth-led, bilingual, and can be presented in two parts. Part two of the workshops
consists of youth writing, performing, and producing their own short skits in the form of Public Service
Announcements (PSAs). Participants will record their PSAs during the workshop and receive a copy of their
work on a CD. All works will be featured on 90.5 WRTE-FM’, Radio Arte’s Myspace Page,
and the New Routes to Community Health initiative website.

Hormones Gone Wild: Salud, mente y cuerpo (Health, mind & body)

During this one-hour workshop participants will listen to excerpts from SALUD’S radio novelas, and
discuss three topics: mental health, sexuality, and teen dating violence. Issues explored include
having healthy relationships, the dating bill of rights, addressing homophobia and sexism, as well
as dating violence.

Immigration: Past and present

This workshop focuses on the roles of immigrants in the United States and their everyday experiences since
the nation’s early years. Participants will learn about current immigration issues, the long history of
immigration waves to the U.S., and their impact on everyday life. In addition to that, participants will
learn the causes of this issue are as they reflect on their own family experiences. Through radio novelas
clips, different stories of Latino immigrants at work will be explored as the characters face both adversities
and success in the pursuit of the American Dream. It is our belief that communities are healthier when they
know their rights, and when they are able to dialogue and discuss pressing issues, such as immigration.

Keeping a Healthy Mind: Stress reduction

During this workshop, which can be presented in both Spanish or in English, participants will listen to and
discuss excerpts from radio novelas with a focus on stress and how it affects the lives of, but not limited
to, immigrants. The purpose of the workshop is for the audience to see the similarities between causes of
stress in individuals who are immigrants and everyone else. Participants will also engage in two stress
reduction activities to learn how to cope with stress in their daily lives. The workshop can be presented
to any audience including children, youth, and adults. A stress reduction techniques handout will also be

My Sex Life: Safe sex

During this workshop, which can be for youth, or youth and adults, participants will talk about what
it means to have safe sex and healthy relationships. They will also learn about safe-sex practices,
address issues pertaining to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) youth. It includes
interactive activities, as well as discussions based on clips from the radio novelas.

If you are interested in having a team from SALUD do a workshop, please e-mail or call Radio Arte at
312-455-9455 x 203. Please note that a suggested $200 contribution can help bring a SALUD workshop to you,
and will support our continuing work in the community.